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Raw milk: nature's perfect food

• Raw milk is not pasteurised. Pasteurisation destroys enzymes, denatures anti-microbial and immune stimulating components. It diminishes nutrient availability, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamins and kills beneficial bacteria.

• Clean raw milk from small organic herds of healthy cows has been consumed for thousands of years.

• Vital nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K are greatest in unprocessed, full fat milk from cows eating green grass.

• Real feed for cows is green grass in spring, summer and autumn with hay, silage and root vegetables if needed in winter. Fortunately in New Zealand cows have lots of green grass most of the year.

• Use only milk with cream on the top.


Real Milk


“A Campaign for Real Milk” is a project of The Weston A. Price Foundation.


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On this site the health benefits of milk in its natural state – unprocessed, organic, full-fat milk – are discussed.
Natural milk in moderation is a superfood. Often referred to as "raw milk", sometimes as "real milk", this is milk as it has been consumed for many thousands of years, and still is in most parts of the world.

Our Goal: Open access to organic raw milk for all New Zealanders, along with easy access to a full range of locally produced organic produce.