Raw Milk Cheese – Where to buy in Auckland

I’ve had 3 people ask me this week where to buy raw milk cheese in Auckland. It doesn’t need to be a closely guarded secret, there are many imported ones sold by a number of retail outlets. And in truth it’s legal to make them here in NZ too…it’s just the regulations are so strict no one has taken it on yet. Here’s the list I know of. Please let me know of others I may have missed.

In addition to my homemade cows milk feta we are currently enjoying jurrasic from C’est Fromage. It is amazing with pear slices. Another day I will post some cracker recipes.

1. La Cigale French Market

69 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell.
One of the largest selections of exquisite stinky cheeses from France, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain – including unpasteurised treasures. Full tastings at the weekend and Wednesday markets.

2. C’est Fromage
585 Remuera Rd, Remuera; 5 McColl St, Newmarket; and 5 Maskell St, St Heliers.
More than 90 varieties of French cheeses. My favourite is Jurrasic $79 per kilo But look at their entire range http://www.mvauron.co.nz/food/cheeses.asp however you will need to ask which cheeses are raw.

3. Jones the Grocer
143 Carlton Gore Rd, Newmarket.
Artisan cheeses from around the world are sold from the store’s centrepiece chilled cheese room, where cheeses naturally ripen to their peak. Experts help with selection.

4. Nosh
Usually stock a handful of raw cheeses.
For store locations and opening hours etc http://www.noshfoodmarket.com/store-finder

5. Sabato
Ask, I have bought some beautiful raw milk cheeses from Sabato.
57 Normanby Road, Mt Eden

6. Large supermarkets
Stock Grana Padano Today March 2013 on special for $62 per kilo packaged in 200 gms for $12.49 and Parmareggio specials for $73 per kilo packaged in 150 gm pieces for $10.90.

7. Flagship supermarkets
In addition to  Grana Padano and Parmareggio will have gorgonzola and may well stock other raw cheeses. It pays to ask.

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